A new paradigm in Privacy Enhancing Computation
To empower enterprises with data privacy preservation framework in building partnership trust to advance industry collaboration.
To lead data privacy & security innovation
Data is invaluable
Data is an incredibly important asset for any organization, collecting and sharing data can be big business in today's digital economy.
Data needs to be secure
For a business to safely and successfully take advantage of the data, they need a solution to ensure data is securely stored & responsibly managed.
Data collaboration advance industries
Data collaboration between enterprises is essential for sustainable growth in the digital era in order to accelerate and advance industry progression.
State of the industry is being challenged
Data Privacy
With data proliferation comes with data privacy, on how data should be collected, stored, managed and shared. Data contains many sensitive information about an individual that could be exploited Organizations need to learn how to process personal data while protecting privacy preference of your customers.
Data Proliferation
Businesses are now holding onto more data than ever before. Managing analyzing quality of data is becoming even more complexed for analysis and insights. Organizations needs to find a way to transform the challenges of data proliferation into opportunity.
Data Security
With data privacy comes with data security. Businesses needs to safeguard and protect any third parties from unauthorized access to their customer data exploitations, including cyber attacks.
Distributed Resources
Computing systems are growing in complexity, modern applications no longer perform in isolation. Vast amounts of data needs to rely on highly secure distributed systems, where resources are shared and scaled, close to endpoints.
How will we transform privacy enhancing computation
An industries first end-2-end solution combining federated learning, consortium blockchain, that can be deployed on a distributed architecture through Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) at the network edge. This integrated solution will ensure data authenticity, security & privacy are guaranteed and in compliance. It’s a groundbreaking framework, that will accelerate industry collaboration and innovation through shared data models, and applied algorithms, without the actual need of moving any data or exposing its data source.
Federated Learning
Consortium Blockchain
Multi-Access Edge Computing
How we will revolutionize decentralizing edge intelligence
Blockchain empowered edge intelligence is the state of art technology to enable AI applications for IoT systems. IoT contains sensitive information related to individuals and data security is ever critical. Blockchain based Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) is a key solution to enable AI (such as machine learning) for IoT data, whereby IoT on device data training becoming a reality. Thereby enabling device authentication, secure communication, data privacy and data integrity at the edge of the network. Blockchain and MEC are fully complementary, MEC provides blockchain with scalability and effectiveness, and blockchain provides MEC with data security and privacy. This is a radical solution that secure aspects of data sharing and resource allocation in AI based applications for the edge
Our services will innovate your data business
Terracuda Platform
We provide a blockchain based development platform, allowing enterprises to share and collaborate, through a common trusted database with a secure, transparent and immutable environment. Find out more
Terracuda. Ai Platform
This is an add-on extension of the Terracuda platform with an A.I based capability combining both blockchain & federated learning (management & orchestration functions). Specifically built for life science (drug discovery, clinical trials, genomics). By unlocking siloed datasets, while protecting patient privacy and securing proprietary data, we empower the life science community in sharing highly valued insights through this collaborative framework. Find out more
Blockchain Integrated Edge System
A complete integrated end to end built-in full stack hardware (edge server) and software (Terracuda) solution. That can be deployed on enterprise premises as a plug-n-play edge system that is secure, scalable and operational efficient. Find out more
Our state of the art fully integrated solution




“Data privacy policies are more important today than ever before.”
Federated Learning solves data privacy through:
Move models and NOT data to ensure data privacy
Ultra low latency requirements through 5G services
Framework to accelerate industry co-operation without worrying about data privacy
“Our 20th century centralized model does not fit the decentralized, distributed infrastructure reality of the 21st century ”
Multi-Access Edge Computing solves:
Ultra low latency requirements through 5G services
Highly distributed edge cloud architecture that is complimentary to support real-time processing of blockchain and federated learning
Support multi-use IoT cases at the network edge
“Trust is the foundation of our Business relationships. Today we pay a high cost to achieve trust in terms of time and money.”
Blockchain solves trust and security through:
Embedding “Trust” rules inside transactions across multi-parties with secure encryptions
Immutable & Resistance to single point of failure
Self execution business logic through smart contracts with automated consensus algorithms
Use Cases
Healthcare Solutions
Find out how federated learning + blockchain supports privacy reservation for medical data collaboration.
Pharmaceutical Solutions
Find out how federated learning + blockchain supports the acceleration of drug discovery.
Supply Chain Solutions
Find out how blockchain supports the positive impact on traceability, efficiency and transparency within the value chain.
Supply Chain Solutions
Find out how blockchain supports the positive impact on traceability, efficiency and transparency within the value chain.
Industrial Design Solutions
Find out how blockchain supports digital twin to achieve product operational efficiency.
Manufacturing Solutions
Find out how smart contracts facilitates automation through blockchain technologythat are becoming a game changer in this sector.