Terracuda for agriculture
A step closer towards smart agriculture
Underlying the agri-food systems is the essential data and information on the natural resources that support all forms of farming. Different stakeholders generate and manage data and information as per their needs and capacities. Smart agriculture is featured by the utilization of ICT, internet of things (IoT), and various modern data collection and analysis technologies including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), sensors and machine learning. A key issue of establishing smart agriculture is developing a comprehensive security system that facilitates the use and management of data. Traditional ways manage data in a centralized fashion and are prone to inaccurate data, data distortion and misuse as well as cyber-attacks. Blockchain technology serves to store data and information that various stakeholders generate throughout the entire value-added process, from seed to sale, of producing an agricultural product. It ensures that the data and information are transparent, and all recorded data are immutable
Case Study
Privacy –Enhancing Precision Irrigation
Precision Irrigation (PI) leverages an efficient solution to handle the scarcity of water and enable the optimal usage of resources through smart sensors (temperature, humidity) Thus, farmers yield better returns in the market due to higher production volumes. However, with PI, the exchange of crop readings from sensor units to actuators. are processed through open channels via the centralized cloud. Terracuda enables the ecosystem to handle issues surrounding security, trust and transparency, amongst stakeholders
Provide local irrigation data aggregation
Data verified through blockchain consensus
Predictive model for irrigation requirements with Machine Learning that can be processed in the cloud or at the edge
Privacy-enhancing cross-layer IoT sensor communication (monitoring events, machine failures..etc) through the Terracuda platform
Based upon data, source water from local supplier as per requirement. The real-time monitoring & predictive system can respond to any significant events through irrigation continuity without disruptions
Blockchain & IoT integration advances smart agriculture
Value Proposition
Asset Optimization
Automation of tasks across multiple integrated agricultural IoT devices via smart contracts on the blockchain
Collaborative Platform
A collaborative and trusted platform, integrating IoT in overseeing supply chain, food safety and transactions between farmers and other organizations
Data Security
Blockchain can introduce novel security & privacy solutions to ensure data integrity within precision agriculture
Blockchain provides full transparency for food safety from harvesting, production, to processing, shipping and distribution. Enhancing customer confidence