Terracuda for digital twin
Empowering digital twin with blockchain
Digital twin is typically a software program that takes various real-world data about a ground-level physical system as prospective inputs and produces useful outputs in the form of insights. Digital twins support next generation machine designs that is versatile, resilient, and robust. They are essentially digital replicas of a business process, or product over its life cycle. Creating a digital twin on the blockchain would mean all information regarding a physical product can be saved immutably. All versions of the product designs from subcontractors, designers, engineers and partners, can help create proof of authenticity, identity and design provenance on the shared platform.
Case Study
Collaborative engineering
Industrial design teams use on-chain storage to share technical engineering designs, leveraging the Terracuda immutability platform to track design alterations and any malicious behavior (theft, infringement..etc). Design data is stored and shared across authorized consortium nodes accessed by authorized design teams, OEM partners, provided that smart contracts are in place. Digital design data can be flexibly distributed and integrated with other design technologies, such as CAD / CAM with embedded AI functionalities, in improving the overall design process. Thus creating an environment for product time-to-market, operational efficiencies across design stakeholder, with data that is secure, transparent with reduced costs and risks.
Digital twin data stored across permissioned distributed storage (IPFS) for design engineers, subcontractors, manufacturing partners…etc
Blockchain stores all the digital signed encryptions that embed all the relevant changes to the product revisions open to stakeholders.
Apply additive manufacturing technologies to accomplish rapid prototyping of product components across its supply chain
Enable fast and secure product insight (performance, health condition, security, failure prediction) from risk mitigation to launch
Terracuda unlocks the potential of digital twins – A perfect combination
Value Proposition
Secure versions of design engineering data from trusted consortium partners are encrypted and traceable on the blockchain for accountability
Collaborative Platform
Consolidation of digital twin applications onto an intelligent, trusted collaborative platform for quality engineering & design precision
Trustworthiness of data generating sources and data in transit via blockchain, avoids data tampering from any malicious entities
This allows to work quickly and securely with customers & engineers by reducing design process construction errors with faster time to market