Terracuda for supply chain
Enabling visibility & securing trust
The logistics industry involves multiple coordinating parties: manufacturers, customers, suppliers, auditors, etc. A single ledger allows multiple stakeholders to store a common record on authenticity, origin, property certificates, and storage location. Blockchain allows for transparency in documents and transactions, thereby increasing supply chains’ efficiency and agility through this disruptive innovation
Case Studies
Supply chain audit trail
Terracuda based audit trails provides a consensus driven and tamper-proof trail of data and events record that are helpful in tracking provenance in supply-chain solutions
Our blockchain solution safeguards audit trails from single point-of-failure by replicating over multiple trusted server nodes, governed through a consortium within your supply chain partnership. Keeping an accurate record of such audit trails for all enterprises within the consortium, thereby, ensuring smart contract compliance with the set of predefined terms
Smart RFID tag reader with real-time origin tracking
Real-time geo fencing
Shipment event condition log (temperature, pressure monitoring)
Inbound logistics delivery status integrated with enterprise systems that interacts with the Terracuda platform
Multi-party on-chain integration with conventional payment rails
Smart contract deployment and enforcement, as per multiparty service level agreement
Terracuda integrated MEC / cloud solution for Supply chain audit trail
Value Proposition
Apply real-time data to enable location encryption in pinpointing delivery status across the value chain
Minimize trade fees
Automation through letter of credits creation, with approval executed via smart contracts
Automated claims
Recorded IoT sensor data event logs are logged on blockchain, thereby enable trusted insurance claims amongst multi-parties
Fraud Detection
This solution defends against counterfeiting, physical tampering and hacking through data theft
Additional supply chain solutions
Drug Supply chain
Drug distribution can be traced every step of the way to assure manufacturers, distributers, dispensers and the public that the drugs are authentic. This will reduce counterfeiting andenhance transparence and accountability
Container logistics
We bring together importers, freight forwarders and partners within the value chain to create an ecosystem with transparency & real time visibility with great operational efficiency
Digital Identity
Our architecture allows for blockchain based identity management to address privacy, security and scalability issues for IoTs (temperature sensors). This will ensure a secure end-to-end asset tracking across the supply chain
Support the increase for food safety, freshness and authenticity across the supply chain. We brings together a diverse group of growers, distributors and retailers that boosts confidence in food supply