Terracuda for Manufacturing
Enabling trust and automation
Manufacturing supply chains are sophisticated, complex organizations that makes transparency, traceability and accountability a major challenge. By implementing blockchain, it will empower stakeholders to streamline operations, gain greater visibility into supply chains and track assets with unprecedented precision. In addition, blockchain has the potential to effectively revolutionize their manufacturing process securely, through secure data sharing to ultimately achieve their desired scale.
Case Study
Equipment-As-A-Service (EaaS)
Equipment-as-a-Service, or EaaS, is the act of renting machinery (Eg: Visual Inspection Equipment or V.I.E) to manufacturers and periodically collecting payments based on a set of pre-defined KPIs for detecting defective parts on the production line. EaaS differs from equipment leasing in that this model also includes several other contract forms, such as guaranteed uptime, throughout throughput, speed or quality assurance, with KPIs in determining payout rate
Manufacturer subscribes to EaaS service executed on the Terracuda blockchain platform via smart contracts
VIE vendor apply AI based image recognition (to detect defective parts) deployed at the mobile edge (Multi-Access Edge Computing or MEC)
Immutable KPI record stored on MEC that is securely shared between manufacturers & VIE vendor on the blockchain
End of month, agreed KPIs are automated with payout, transferred to VIE vendor via smart contracts
Terracuda integrated MEC / cloud solution for Equipment-As-A-Service supported by smart contract
Value Proposition
Asset Optimization
Workloads & tasks can be scheduled in a non-deniable & automated manner via smart contracts
Collaborative Platform
Ensuring secure data sharing amongst manufacturers and other entities through a trusted environment
Process Tracking
Close manufacturing feedback loops by recording events, store process values on the ledger
Fraud Detection
Identification as a Service to verify the origins of multiple manufacturing components