Blockchain Integrated Edge System
XENIRO Edge Fusion
XENIRO’s Edge Fusion is a family of Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) hardware servers, that can be defined as cloud services running at the edge of the network that perform near real-time (computation tasks) closer to the customer, instead of sending all the data to a centralized cloud. This will enable services with reduced latency and bring real-time performance to high bandwidth applications. Blockchain can be deployed and hosted on the MEC platform with the likes of our Terracuda solutions that can support smart contract based transactions with your network partners, for data audit trails, provide an extra layer of security for your data processing environments (across IoT devices) that shares the same distributed ledger. This is a fully integrated plug-and-play blockchain based edge server, covering enterprise requirements from automation, security & privacy, transparency and latency with performance.
Solution design
Light weight scalable edge based server for rapid secure deployment
High performance scalable edge server built for mission critical secure computation
Edge Fusion (End-2-End) Software architecture
IPFS Decentralized storage
Security add-on solution
Snapscale ledger fabric

Management & Orchestration

Low latency
Efficient Network Bandwidth
Deployment scenarios
Internet of Vehicles (IoV) based on IoT enabled applications / autonomous driving in processing service requirements (information exchange) on the blockchain enabled MEC platform
Healthcare with the integration of federated machine learning + Blockchain + MEC across consortium hospitals (trusted data sharing) for research collaboration to accelerate drug discovery
Supply chain through blockchain enabled IoT systems (sensors for asset tracking) across the complexed partnership value chain, that is only accessible within the consortium
Healthcare deployment example
For this specific use case, medical AI / Federated Learning software has certain hardware requirements for multi-core processing power, integrating BIOS security, GPU acceleration and scalability. To meet the hardware requirements for various use case scenario’s, we provide a range of scalable processors and computation capabilities, supporting for our Edge Fusion system
Hospital Location (1)
Hospital Location (2)
Hospital Location (3)
Hospital Location (4)
Edge Fusion value
Real-time analytics with low latency requirements
Reduced cloud storage and transport costs
Improved availability of applications and IT assets
Save network bandwidth & reduce network congestions
Business models with new service and revenue streams
Strengthen security, compliance and privacy
Enterprise integration services
Managed deployments
Terracuda platform is deployed and managed by us, on the client’s preferred infrastructure.
Available on both cloud and on-premise deployments (H/W & S/W)
Private-hosted deployments
Terracuda platform is deployed and managed by the client on its preferred infrastructure. We provide the tools to connect, support services, and can optionally host and operate a central aggregator node if required.
Available on both cloud and on-premise deployments (H/W & S/W)