Empower trusted data flows and automation with distributed ledger technology
Terracuda Platform
Enterprises are increasingly willing to adopt blockchain technology. However, technical complexities and operational overhead in creating, configuring, operating and maintaining blockchain infrastructure often acts as a barrier. XENIRO offers a highly secure, agile consortium blockchain platform, that lets enterprises run their business applications with simplicity, and we’ll handle the complexity of the back-end operations. This will allow you to free your resources to focus on your core activities.
Our platform delivers
We enables companies to gain an understanding of blockchain technology without developing their own proprietary blockchain solutions
Foundation for
building blockchain applications on the cloud
Build, govern and expand blockchain networks at scale. Terracuda platform simplifies the formation, management, and governance of consortium networks, so you can focus on use cases relating to business logic and application development
Terracuda features supporting your business
Platform architecture management
Modular, preconfigured networks &infrastructure
Easy setup workflow
Middleware for monitoring&development for app building
Dashboard to view, analyze and deploy smart contracts
Use case models to get you started
Auditable transaction records
APIs to connect multiple services
Backup and snapshots
Professional consultation and support
Simple deployment
Deploy fully managed blockchain networks with a few simple clicks. The infrastructure will automate all your resource requirements
Development tools
Multiple development tools to meet your requirements. Get flexible, reliable and scalable data streaming and app integration with a few clicks
Consortium Management
Govern at scale with built-in governance with easy member on-boarding and simplified policy enforcement
We deliver a world class blockchain development experience
Our solutions for industries
Smart city
Supply chain
Autonomous vehicle
Digital twin