Blockchain Integrated Hardware Security Module
XENIRO Krypton
XENIRO’s Krypton is a family of blockchain integrated Hardware Security Module (HSM) that securely generates, protects and store blockchain cryptographic keys / digital certificates. Blockchain operates in a highly decentralized and distributed structure, therefore requires innovative security measures to strengthen your data protection. Anyone who obtains the cryptographic keys can exploit the data assets instantly. Majority of these vulnerabilities exploited on the application layer where the digital wallets holds the keys to the assets. If blockchain is to be widely adopted in financial trades, payments, healthcare, government and regulatory applications, there must be zero compromises when it comes to security. While blockchain have proven to be very secure, questions remain on how to protect both the cryptographic keys that allow access to the ledger and blockchain applications, that may be vulnerable. XENIRO’s HSM solution compliments blockchain technology perfectly, adding both security, privacy, operational efficiency and scalability for your data infrastructure.
XENIRO Krypton HSM are designed and certified to provide you with the highest level of enterprise security
is isolated from host environment applying stringent security standards that is extremely difficult to access
Secure cryptographic
operations with
segregate administration & security domains that enforces key use policies.
Secure storage of keys
on the
secure cryptographic processor, that includes onboard key generator and key storage facilities within the HSM environment
How it works ?
Business application
Application data
Data to be signed, encrypted / decrypted
Encrypted / decrypted or signed data
Application keys within security boundary
Secure crypto processing engine
HSM Security Boundary
Solution design
XENIRO Krypton Hardware Security Module (HSM) XKT-P1 can be embedded directly in an appliance or application server for a seamless integration with blockchain & cost-efficient solution
XENIRO Krypton Hardware Security Module (HSM) XKT-S1 a high performance scalable blockchain based server, that can be used by applications on-premises, and cloud environments
XENIRO Krypton benefits
Simplified Integration with blockchain technology
Enhance audit capacity by providing immutable, timestamped audit trails
Improves security and scalability for cryptographic processing